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Boehringer Ingelheim
"We routinely work with biofluid cohorts collected from preclinical species. The novel ENRICH-iST technology from PreOmics® allowed us to achieve reliable and in-depth proteomic data without laborious method development. The new kit worked out of the box; the workflow is intuitive and can be completely automated. This solution allows us to standardize our processes completely and significantly improve our throughput."
Dr. Andreas-David Brunner, Scientist R&D Drug Discovery Sciences at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
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Caris Life Sciences
"When I first started working with human plasma for proteomic mass spec analysis, I quickly ran into the well-known dynamic range issue with plasma. I tried several different standard sample preparation protocols but struggled to get adequate results. I then came across PreOmics® and their iST-BCT kit for plasma proteomics. I was pleasantly surprised that I could identify as many plasma proteins as I did by using such a relatively low amount of starting material (<2 µL of human plasma) in comparison to standard protocols, such as depletion columns or enrichment of low abundant plasma proteins. It consistently outperforms any standard methods I used in the market, and I fell in love with it due to the following reasons: overall ease of use, the very helpful color-coordinated reagents and protocol steps, and the consistently reproducible results. I’ve since tested a variety of PreOmics®' other products, the BeatBox®, iST kit, and ENRICH kit, and have been equally impressed. Instead of spending time trying to optimize mass spec sample preparation protocols like before, using PreOmics®’ products, I have more time for data analysis and interpretation, experimental design, and development of mass spec data collection methods."
Hyonson Hwang, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Caris Life Sciences
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"At Protim Core facility we offer state-of-the-art technologies dedicated to mass spectrometry-based proteomics and MALDI imaging accessible to academic laboratories and companies. Our services enable answering various biological questions, such as biomarker discovery and studying biological pathways from a broad range of sample types and species, which requires us to use highly standardized methods. Acquiring the BeatBox® technology for the homogenization of large series of tissues has improved our throughput with the same protein extraction efficiency as manual extraction. As we work routinely on a timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer from Bruker for sensitive and high-throughput analyses, we have found with the iST technology a method of choice for a reproducible preparation of very clean peptides to enable a direct injection on LC columns, and this whatever the type of sample processed, including low amount samples, thanks to the wide range of protocols already available and to the PreOmics® team, who always give us good advice."
Blandine Guével, Study Officer at Protim, France
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University of Oxford
"Recently, we have evaluated the performance of the new PreOmics® kit, the ENRICH-iST, for biofluids analysis. It improved the proteome depth by 4-fold for plasma and 1.6-fold for CSF compared to nondepleted samples. It is surprisingly easy to use, allowing us to prepare 96 samples simultaneously. Combining ENRICH-iST with the Evosep and Tims-TOF Pro platforms, we can reliably analyze large patient cohort sample sets, which is essential for our clinical and pre-clinical research projects."
Dr. Roman Fischer, Associate Professor and Head of Discovery Proteomics Facility, University of Oxford
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Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
"BeatBox® has become an indispensable tool in our laboratory at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich. It is our go-to instrument for tissue homogenization, whether dealing with needle biopsy samples from clinics or bulk tissues. Its compatibility with 96-well microtiter plates seamlessly integrates the homogenization process with the iST proteomics sample preparation kit, right through to LC-MS sample injection."
Prof. Dr. Matthias Mann, Director Research Department "Proteomics and Signal Transduction" at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
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University of Copenhagen
"We routinely analyze a large number of tissue samples at once, and to improve our efficiency, we have successfully adapted the BeatBox® technology for tissue homogenization. Our latest discovery is that the BeatBox® technology can efficiently homogenize paraffin-embedded tissue scrolls. This breakthrough now allows us to process large cohorts of FFPE tissue quickly, reproducibly, and with greater precision, opening up the possibility of large-scale biobank projects. By leveraging this technology, we are excited to uncover novel deep proteomics insights in the field of pathology research."
Dr. Michael Wierer, Director of the Proteomics Research Infrastructure, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Philip Morris International
"We tested several options for biomarker discovery on plasma samples, but many were very long and tedious. With the novel ENRICH technology, we have a fast, efficient, and reliable enrichment workflow to get deeper into the proteome from human plasma and serum. We use the ENRICH-iST 96x kits and are delighted by the reproducibility and ease of the kit. We really enjoyed working with the PreOmics® team, who was always there to support us. We would strongly recommend the kit to other human plasma and serum users."
Catherine Nury, Manager Proteomics, Philip Morris International, Switzerland
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"For protein extraction from tissues, we opted for the BeatBox® solution from PreOmics®. Its ease of use, compact size, and ability to process a large number of samples, combined with a high number of protein identifications and the repeatability of individual protein quantification, really make the experimental workday easier."
Tanguy Fortin, CEO/Founder at ANAQUANT, France
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"Busy MS facilities such as our own rely on efficient, fast, and robust tissue preparation. After a very positive evaluation of the new scalable BeatBox solution from PreOmics®, we immediately adopted the workflow. Having such a quiet, compact tissue preparation solution on our bench day by day can only further serve to increase our efficiency. Furthermore, BeatBox allows us to improve our MS facility utilization day by day. Our partnership with PreOmics® remains strong and one where we can exchange ideas and bring long-term outcomes together.”
Prof. Karl Mechtler, Head of Proteomics Tech Hub at VBCF, Vienna, Austria
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Wollscheid laboratory at ETH Zürich
"The ETH PHRT Swiss Multi-Omics Center receives on a regular basis larger sample cohorts of clinical biospecimen. Standard operating procedures are critical for consistent and reproducible data generation and analysis. Switching to the PreOmics®' kits in combination with the PreON robot enabled us now to routinely focus on biomedical discoveries and not technical workflows and variations. We talk less about sample preparation and more about data analysis. Voila!"
Dr. Audrey van Drogen, Lab Manager & Project Scientist, Wollscheid laboratory & ETH PHRT Swiss Multi-Omics Center Switzerland
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"We rely on efficient, fast and robust sample preparation. After evaluation, we immediately adopted the PreOmics®' iST solutions, which enabled us to improve our results, especially when working with small amounts of samples such as skin micro-biopsies. Very importantly this workflow allowed us to improve our machine uptime through improved purification. In PreOmics® we have found more than a supplier, we have found a partner who is always ready to exchange ideas. Ultimately this partnership ensures Phylogene can pass on the benefits of improved machine uptime, savings in sample-prep time, and improved quality, to its customers."
Jean-Marc Monneuse, Mass Spectrometry Manager at Phylogene S.A, France
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"After stress testing the iST kits, we quickly found that they reproducibly provide superior quality data in a fraction of the time compared to conventional bottom-up sample preparation protocols. We were also excited to see the breadth of protocols established by PreOmics® for the variety of biological material we routinely process and utilize for our work."
Ghaith Hamza, Senior Proteomics Scientist at AstraZeneca, Boston, USA
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UCSF & Gladstone Institutes
"PreOmics®' kits are like a mini-prep for proteomics! Not only are these kits easy to use, but the resulting samples and MS data are of high quality. We quickly realized that these kits were so easy to use and required equipment common to any lab, that we could now confidently have collaborators purchase the kits and prepare their own samples. It has saved us a lot of time, and now we can focus on more important aspects of our research."
Danielle Swaney, PhD, Assistant Professor at UCSF, San Francisco, USA
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"We have just set up our first high-resolution MS for proteomic workflows in the lab, and the highly efficient digestion, speed, simplicity and reproducibility of the iST 8x and 96x kits have really allowed us to hit the ground running. Knowing the sample preparation was taken care of, we could focus on study design, data analysis and the LC-MS itself. We could quickly turn around our first study results including for tougher matrices such as skin."
Dr. Richard Welford, Associate Director, Principal Scientist, Translational Biomarkers at Idorsia, Switzerland
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“As a core facility we often receive samples of unknown quality. To ensure the contaminants in these samples don’t end up clogging our precious equipment and leading to extensive downtime we needed to find a reliable and robust workflow we could trust. The iST sample preparation workflow from PreOmics® is our trusted option for global sample preparation. The kit produces clean desalted samples which absolutely decrease downtime of our instruments. The kit is even suitable for in-experienced users who may have never done a tryptic digest before. We are really happy with the ease-of-use and reproducibility and are recommending the PreOmics®’ kit to our core facility colleagues and collaborators.”
Prof. Karl Mechtler, Head of Proteomics Tech Hub at VBCF, Vienna, Austria
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Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
“Our results clearly indicate that the PreOmics® kit outperformed our standard method in terms of both identification and quantification rates of proteins as well as peptides. In addition, we are convinced by the high reproducibility and efficiency of the approach. The complete protocol was fast, very easy to follow and the identification rates and sample quality exceeded our expectation!”
Dr. Yaarub R. Musa, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Proteomics Research Facility, Freiburg, Germany
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Biomedical Center Munich
"In the Core Facility Proteomics of the LMU Munich, we have used the PreOmics®’ sample preparation kit to process different kinds of samples from our users. We are really happy with the results and we have already recommended the PreOmics®’ kit to our colleagues."
Dr. Ignasi Forné, Technical Director, Protein Analysis Unit, Biomedical Center Munich, Germany
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Helmholtz Center
"In the Core Facility Proteomics, we recently used the new PreOmics® sample preparation kit to process blood plasma or serum samples. The kit drastically reduced the hands-on time as well as the necessary amounts of starting material in comparison to standard protocols. We appreciate the high reproducibility and easy applicability of this kit for experienced as well as inexperienced users."
Dr. Christine von Törne (Staff Scientist), Core-Facility Proteomics Helmholtz Center Munich
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Harvard Medical School
"Our researchers happily rely on the PreOmics® iST kit knowing that they will have stabilized the sources of technical variations, permitting them to focus on the biology of our precious samples. The PreOmics® team has worked closely with our researchers to consult with us on our unique biological questions and concerns"
Dr. Sasha Singh, Director Proteomics Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
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"Using this new sample preparation technology, we increased the efficiency of tryptic peptide cleavage and obtained better identification rates in our samples. In addition, the short hands-on time for the entire workflow, as well as the comparatively low amounts of starting material, now enable us to process more and be more time-efficient."
Dr. Andreas Tebbe, Head of Mass Spectrometry, Evotec Munich
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Roche Innovation Center
"We tested PreOmics®' iST kit and were amazed by the results. The number of identified peptides and proteins was 20-30% higher compared to what was achieved using our standard lab procedure. Using the iST Kit enables you to start processing your samples in the morning and have them ready for LC-MS in the afternoon."
Dr. Manuel Tzouros, Project Leader, Discovery Proteomics, Roche Innovation Center, Basel, Switzerland
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