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What do our customers say?
Roche Innovation Center
"We tested PreOmics' iST Kit and were amazed by the results. The number of identified peptides and proteins was 20-30% higher compared to what is achieved using our standard lab procedure. Using the iST Kit enables you to start processing your samples in the morning and have them ready for LC-MS in the afternoon."
Dr. Manuel Tzouros, Project Leader, Discovery Proteomics, Roche Innovation Center, Basel, Switzerland
"Using this new sample preparation technology, we increased the efficiency of tryptic peptide cleavage and obtained better identification rates in our samples. In addition, the short hands-on-time for the entire workflow, as well as the comparatively low amounts of starting material, now enable us to process more and be more time-efficient."
Dr. Andreas Tebbe, Head of Mass Spectrometry, Evotec Munich
Harvard Medical School
"Our researchers happily rely on the PreOmics iST kit knowing that they will have stabilized the sources of technical variations, permitting them to focus on the biology of our precious samples. The PreOmics team has worked closely with our researchers to consult with us on our unique biological questions and concerns"
Dr. Sasha Singh, Director Proteomics Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Helmholtz Center
"In the Core Facility Proteomics, we recently used the new PreOmics sample preparation kit to process blood plasma or serum samples. The kit drastically reduced the hands-on-time as well as the necessary amounts of starting material in comparison to standard protocols. We appreciate the high reproducibility and easy applicability of this kit for experienced as well as inexperienced users."
Dr. Christine von Törne (Staff Scientist), Core-Facility Proteomics Helmholtz Center Munich
Biomedical Center Munich
"In the Core Facility Proteomics of the LMU Munich, we have used the PreOmics’ sample preparation kit to process different kinds of samples from our users. We are really happy with the results and we have already recommended the PreOmics’ kit to our colleagues."
Dr. Ignasi Forné, Technical Director, Protein Analysis Unit, Biomedical Center Munich, Germany
Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
“Our results clearly indicate that the PreOmics' kit outperformed our standard method in terms of both identification and quantification rates of proteins as well as peptides. In addition, we are convinced by the high reproducibility and efficiency of the approach. The complete protocol was fast, very easy to follow and the identification rates and sample quality exceeded our expectation!”
Dr. Yaarub R. Musa, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Proteomics Research Facility, Freiburg, Germany
“As a core facility we often receive samples of unknown quality. To ensure the contaminants in these samples don’t end up clogging our precious equipment and leading to extensive downtime we needed to find a reliable and robust workflow we could trust. The iST sample preparation workflow from PreOmics is our trusted option for global sample preparation. The kit produces clean desalted samples which absolutely decrease downtime of our instruments. The kit is even suitable for in-experienced users who may have never done a tryptic digest before. We are really happy with the ease-of-use and reproducibility and are recommending the PreOmics’ kit to our core facility colleagues and collaborators.”
Dr. Karl Mechtler, Head of Core Facility at IMP, IMBA and GMI, Head of Mass Spectrometry VBCF
"We have just set up our first high resolution MS for proteomic workflows in the lab, and the highly efficient digestion, speed, simplicity and reproducibility of the IST 8x and 96x kits have really allowed us to hit the ground running. Knowing the sample preparation was taken care of, we could focus on study design, data analysis and the LC-MS itself. We could quickly turn around our first study results including for tougher matrices such as skin."
Dr. Richard Welford, Associate Director, Principal Scientist, Translational Biomarkers at Idorsia, Switzerland