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Read how Jean-Marc Monneuse from Phylogene successfully uses PreOmics' technology to get ahead in his research

Phylogene achieves a doubling of the number of proteins identified thanks to iST technology

Obtaining quality samples in record time

The challenge for a proteomics contract research company is how to ensure the efficient, fast, and robust sample preparation of a wide variety of samples while minimizing MS instrumentation downtime. In establishing the iST workflow a solution to this challenge was found. Phylogene can now ensure consistent sample quality in record time while dramatically reducing the contamination of its MS instrumentation.

Which challenges were you facing?

We know that sample preparation is crucial. The ideal sample preparation workflow must be efficient, fast, robust, and usable on a wide variety of samples. Moreover, with technologies as sensitive as nano LC-MS poor quality samples are harmful and can necessitate additional instrument maintenance. Previously we had to implement lengthy methodologies in order to obtain high-quality samples ready for the MS.

How did PreOmics help you facilitate the situation?

Thanks to the iST kit, we were able to obtain samples from smaller amounts of starting proteins, free of common contaminants, in a reproducible manner and within record time.

What was your Aha-Moment with PreOmics?

During one of our skin micro-biopsy assays, we almost doubled the number of proteins identified while taking only one-third of the time previously needed. Furthermore, after implementing the iST workflow we realized that we had halved the cleaning cycle of the front end of our mass spectrometers - it makes this technology our first choice for difficult matrices.

What are your plans for the future?

We would like to use the iST technology for our approaches to metaproteomics, as this emerging discipline appears to be the future. Our hope is that subsequent versions of the iST technology will allow us to improve our current protocols. In addition, we intend to combine iST with our already well-established protocols for post-translational modification studies.

Why would you recommend PreOmics?

Thanks to the iST kits, we can prepare very clean, ready-to-inject samples in a short amount of time, reducing maintenance frequency and therefore downtime for our mass spectrometers. Moreover, the missed cleavage rates are extraordinarily low (<5%).

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Jean-Marc Monneuse, Mass Spectrometry Manager at Phylogene S.A, France


Phylogene, founded in 1999, is a CRO using omics and bioinformatics techniques with the objective of developing methods for identification and authentication and elucidating biological effects.


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