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Sample preparation
PreOmics iST kit contains all the reagents and consumables needed for protein and peptide sample preparation ready for MS analysis.
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Chemical labeling compatible
PreOmics iST-NHS kit is fully compatible with TMT and iTRAQ labeling methods.
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Biological fluids
PreOmics iST-BCT has been developed to minimize artificial modifications in biological fluid samples including plasma, serum and CSF.
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Positive pressure
PreOmics iST-PSI couples the simplicity of the iST technology with positive pressure processing for high throughput sample preparation.
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Peptide clean up
PreOmics iST Phoenix is a multi-mode SPE clean up for peptide-containing samples. Removing detergents, salts and other contaminants.
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GFP-tagged proteins
PreOmics iST GFP-Trap includes immunoprecipitation enrichment for GFP-tagged proteins with compatible sample preparation.
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PreOmics iST-Fractionation Add-on kit enables three fractions to be eluted from the iST SPE cartridge, giving greater proteome depth for your analysis.
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Challenging samples
Use the combined advantages for SP3 and iST technology for complex matrices or those needing harsh denaturation.
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Dedicated iST automation
PreOmics PreON, dedicated automation for the iST kits. Simple and intuitive to use. Free your analysts time,  improve throughput and reproducibility.
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Tissue homogenization solution
PreOmics BeatBox, easy to use, fast tissue and cell homogenization for efficient and reproducible sample preparation.
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Additional automation options
Find application notes and workflows for using PreOmics iST kits on Agilent laboratory automation.
What do our customers say?
UCSF & Gladstone Institutes
"PreOmics' kits are like a mini-prep for proteomics! Not only are these kits easy to use, but the resulting samples and MS data are of high quality. We quickly realized that these kits were so easy to use and required equipment common to any lab, that we could now confidently have collaborators purchase the kits and prepare their own samples. It has saved us a lot of time, and now we can focus on more important aspects of our research."
Danielle Swaney, PhD, Assistant Professor at UCSF, San Francisco, USA
"After stress testing the iST kits, we quickly found that they reproducibly provide superior quality data in a fraction of the time compared to conventional bottom-up sample preparation protocols. We were also excited to see the breadth of protocols established by PreOmics for the variety of biological material we routinely process and utilize for our work."
Ghaith Hamza, Senior Proteomics Scientist at AstraZeneca, Boston, USA
Wollscheid laboratory at ETH Zürich
"The ETH PHRT Swiss Multi-Omics Center receives on a regular basis larger sample cohorts of clinical biospecimen. Standard operating procedures are critical for consistent and reproducible data generation and analysis. Switching to the PreOmics' kits in combination with the PreON robot enabled us now to routinely focus on biomedical discoveries and not technical workflows and variations. We talk less about sample preparation and more about data analysis. Voila!"
Dr. Audrey van Drogen, Lab Manager & Project Scientist, Wollscheid laboratory & ETH PHRT Swiss Multi-Omics Center Switzerland

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Applying the science
Find out more about the wide range of applications and sample
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