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Sample preparation for proteins, peptides and proteomic analysis by MS.

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Sample preparation
PreOmics iST kit contains all the reagents and consumables needed for protein and peptide sample preparation ready for MS analysis.
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Chemical labeling compatible
PreOmics iST-NHS kit is fully compatible with TMT and iTRAQ labeling methods.
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Peptide clean up
PreOmics iST Phoenix is a multi-mode SPE clean up for peptide-containing samples. Removing detergents, salts and other contaminants.
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PreOmics iST-BCT has been optimized for biopharma workflows including HCP, mAbs or dosed protein drug analysis.
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GFP-tagged proteins
PreOmics iST GFP-Trap includes immunoprecipitation enrichment for GFP-tagged proteins with compatible sample preparation
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Dedicated iST automation
PreOmics PreON, dedicated automation for the iST kits. Simple and intuitive to use. Free your analysts time,  improve throughput and reproducibility.
Additional automation options
Find application notes and workflows for using PreOmics iST kits on Agilent laboratory automation.
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What do our customers say?
Roche Innovation Center
"We tested PreOmics' iST Kit and were amazed by the results. The number of identified peptides and proteins was 20-30% higher compared to what is achieved using our standard lab procedure. Using the iST Kit enables you to start processing your samples in the morning and have them ready for LC-MS in the afternoon."
Dr. Manuel Tzouros, Project Leader, Discovery Proteomics, Roche Innovation Center, Basel, Switzerland
"Using this new sample preparation technology, we increased the efficiency of tryptic peptide cleavage and obtained better identification rates in our samples. In addition, the short hands-on-time for the entire workflow, as well as the comparatively low amounts of starting material, now enable us to process more and be more time-efficient."
Dr. Andreas Tebbe, Head of Mass Spectrometry, Evotec Munich
Harvard Medical School
"Our researchers happily rely on the PreOmics iST kit knowing that they will have stabilized the sources of technical variations, permitting them to focus on the biology of our precious samples. The PreOmics team has worked closely with our researchers to consult with us on our unique biological questions and concerns"
Dr. Sasha Singh, Director Proteomics Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

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