Publications employing our PreOmics technologies

Here is a sampling of recent publications from scientists who use PreOmics technologies for their research
Carapito et al. (2021)
Identification of driver genes for critical forms of COVID-19 in a deeply phenotyped young patient cohort.
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Ruschi, La Porta, Panfoli et al. (2021)
Proteomic profile of mesothelial exosomes isolated from peritoneal dialysis effluent of children with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
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Montoro, Duarte et al. (2021)
Subunit exchange among endolysosomal tethering complexes is linked to contact site formation at the vacuole.
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Salloum-Asfar, Engelke, Mousa et al. (2021)
Hyperosmotic Stress Induces a Specific Pattern for Stress Granule Formation in Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.
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Hurst, Challa et al. (2021)
A regulatory phosphorylation site on Mec1 controls chromatin occupancy of RNA polymerases during replication stress.
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Jimenez-Duran, Kozole et al. (2021)
Sublytic membrane attack complex drives glycolysis and mitochondrial dysfunction with inammatory consequences in human monocytederived macrophages.
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Su, Wang, Li et al. (2021)
Neuroinflammation Mediates Faster Brachial Plexus Regeneration in Subjects with Cerebral Injury.
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Challa, Seebacher, Gasser et al. (2021)
Sucrose gradient chromatin enrichment forquantitative proteomics analysis in buddingyeast.
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Hoefig, Reim, Gallus et al. (2021)
Defining the RBPome of primary T helper cells to elucidate higher-order Roquin-mediated mRNA regulation.
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Pandya, Wang et al. (2021)
Secreted retrovirus-like GAG-domain-containingprotein PEG10 is regulated by UBE3A and is involvedin Angelman syndrome pathophysiology.
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Eising, Esch et al. (2021)
A yeast lysosomal biogenesis map uncovers the cargo spectrum of lysosomal protein targeting pathways.
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Morevati, Mace et al. (2021)
Extrarenal expression of α-klotho, the kidney related longevity gene, in Heterocephalus glaber, the long living Naked Mole Rat.
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Rueda-Meija, Nageli et al. (2021)
Genome, transcriptome and secretome analyses of the antagonistic, yeast-like fungus Aureobasidium pullulans to identify potential biocontrol genes.
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Schieweck, Riedmann et al. (2021)
Pumilio2 and Staufen2 selectively balance the synaptic proteome.
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Ni Dhufaigh, Botwright et al. (2021)
Differential Exoproteome and Biochemical Characterisation of Neoparamoeba perurans.
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Correia, Guimaraes, Auf der Maur et al. (2021)
Hepatic stellate cells suppress NK cell-sustained breast cancer dormancy.
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Patalas-Krawczyk, Malinkska et al. (2021)
Effects of plant alkaloids on mitochondrial bioenergetic parameters.
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Sahadevan, Hembach, Tantardini et al. (2021)
Synaptic FUS accumulation triggers early misregulation of synaptic RNAs in a mouse model of ALS.
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Hayn, Hirschenberger et al. (2021)
Systematic Functional Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Proteins Uncovers Viral Innate Immune Antagonists and Remaining Vulnerabilities.
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Bleu, Mermet-Meillon et al. (2021)
PAX8 and MECOM are interaction partners driving ovarian cancer.
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Van Bergen, Massey et al. (2021)
Abnormalities of mitochondrial dynamics and bioenergetics in neuronal cells from CDKL5 deficiency disorder.
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Donato, Buczak et al. (2021)
Mass spectrometry analysis of circulatingbreast cancer cells from a Xenograft mousemodel.
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Peruzzotti-Jametti, Bernstock et al. (2021)
Neural stem cells traffic functional mitochondria via extracellular vesicles.
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Lee, Kerouanton et al. (2021)
Coding and non-coding roles of MOCCI (C15ORF48) coordinate to regulate host inflammation and immunity.
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Poschel, Beebe et al. (2021)
Identification of disease-promoting stromal components by comparative proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of canine mammary tumors using laser-capture microdissected FFPE tissue.
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Jassinskaja, Pimkova et al. (2021)
Ontogenic shifts in cellular fate are linked toproteotype changes in lineage-biased hematopoieticprogenitor cells.
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Murenu, Kostidis et al. (2021)
Metabolic Analysis of Vitreous/Lens and Retina in Wild Type and Retinal Degeneration Mice.
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Mayr, Simon et al. (2021)
Integrative analysis of cell state changes in lung fibrosis with peripheral protein biomarkers.
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Pipitone, Eicke et al. (2021)
A multifaceted analysis reveals two distinct phases of chloroplast biogenesis during de-etiolation in Arabidopsis.
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Raimo, Zura-Millar et al. (2021)
Mitochondrial morphology, bioenergetics and proteomic responses in fatty acid oxidation disorders.
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Cox, Ang et al. (2021)
Hidden information on protein function in censuses of proteome foldedness.
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Kelly, Carrizo, Edwards-Hicks et al. (2021)
Sulfur sequestration promotes multicellularity during nutrient limitation.
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Broome, Chernukhin, Jamieson et al. (2021)
TET2 is a component of the estrogen receptorcomplex and controls 5mC to 5hmC conversionat estrogen receptorcis-regulatory regions.
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Meier, Kohler et al. (2021)
Deep learning the collisional cross sections of the peptide universe from a million experimental values.
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Choudary, Aggareal et al. (2021)
Molecular and metabolomic interventions for identifying potential bioactive molecules to mitigate diseases and their impacts on crop plants.
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Conway, Rossi et al. (2021)
BAP1 activity regulates PcG occupancy and global chromatin condensation counteracting diffuse PCGF3/5-dependent H2AK119ub1 deposition.
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Dar, Sawada et al. (2021)
The E3 ubiquitin ligase Cul4b promotes CD4+ T cell expansion by aiding the repair of damaged DNA.
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Coomar, Penson et al. (2021)
Arylsulfonamide mediated RBM39 degradation causes aberrant splicing of mitotic kinesins.
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Challa, Schmid et al. (2021)
Damage-induced chromatome dynamics link Ubiquitin ligase and proteasome recruitment to histone loss and efficient DNA repair.
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Schnurr, Paqué et al. (2021)
Staphylococcus aureus Interferes with Streptococci Spatial Distribution and with Protein Expression of Species within a Polymicrobial Oral Biofilm.
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Gaun, Lewis Hardell et al. (2021)
Automated 16-Plex Plasma Proteomics with Real-Time Search and Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Enables Large-Scale Profiling in Naked Mole-Rats and Mice.
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Winter, Karayel et al. (2021)
Urinary proteome profiling for stratifying patients with familial Parkinson’s disease.
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Rackles, Witting et al. (2021)
Reduced peroxisomal import triggers peroxisomal retrograde signaling.
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Paulo and Schweppe (2021)
Advances in quantitative high‐throughput phosphoproteomics with sample multiplexing.
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Rossi, Coum et al. (2021)
Neural stem cells alter nucleocytoplasmic partitioning and accumulate nuclear polyadenylated transcripts during quiescence.
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Wangler, Kamali et al. (2021)
Uncovering the secretome of mesenchymal stromal cells exposed to healthy, traumatic, and degenerative intervertebral discs: a proteomic analysis.
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Macchioni, Chiasserini et al. (2021)
Crosstalk between Long-Term Sublethal Oxidative Stress and Detrimental Inflammation as Potential Drivers for Age-Related Retinal Degeneration.
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Schlotter, de Freitas et al. (2020)
ApoC-III is a novel inducer of calcification in human aortic valves.
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Zaro et al. (2020)
Proteomic analysis of young and old mouse hematopoietic stem cells and their progenitors reveals post-transcriptional regulation in stem cells.
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Meier et al. (2020)
diaPASEF: parallel accumulation–serial fragmentation combined with data-independent acquisition.
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