Innovate! PreOmics®rethinks tools for protein, peptide & proteomics for MS

By eliminating or combining steps using a single enclosed device, PreOmics® achieves increased sensitivity, reduced sample loss and a reliable workflow

Einstein suggested “Challenges cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them”. We say Innovative thinking creates Improved technology.

Reagent Innovation

  • Chemically  compatible reagents were identified resulting in combination of four previously separate steps ; lysis, denaturation reduction and alkylation now in one step.
  • Years of optimization and testing surrounding the Lys C,  Trypsin and  digestion buffer has resulted in a  fast and efficient proteolytic digestion step.
  • Reagent compatibility results in elimination of lengthy precipitation steps
  • Not just desalting: Our optimised organic and aqueous dual clean up wash solutions remove both hydrophilic and hydrophobic contaminants

Device Innovation

  • Innovation comes in the recognition that a single device could be the reaction chamber, filter and process vial.
  • Automating the manufacture of these vials contributes significantly to reproducible outcomes.

Process Innovation

  • Putting reagent and device innovation together we have a process that takes less than 1 hours hands on time; a few hours total compared to 2 days previously.
  • The requirement for only standard lab equipment makes it accessible by all
  • All reagents, plastic ware and a simple 2-page instructions in a single box  controls the  quality, simplifies the experience and standardizes the results.
  • Applicability over a wide range of protocols including mammalian, plant, bacteria and yeast.
  • PreOmics® are the first company to offer true walk away proteomics sample preparation through the innovative PreON® platform.
With the iST kits you can achieve both fast and efficient sample preparation with increased peptide and proteins ID.

Don't just take our word for it, visit our Testimonials page or learn more with our Application Notes. Full innovation details can be found in Nature Methods (Kulak et al., 2014) (doi:1038/nmeth.2834). PreOmics®' workflows and technology are protected through a series of patents globally.