Smile! Chemically labeled sample preparation simplified

Fast, reliable, reproducible sample preparation for chemical labeling (iTRAQ and TMT)

The challenge:

Chemical labeling reagents have specific handling and compatibility requirements to achieve good labeling efficiencies. Combined with the multi-step methods of proteomics sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis, chemical labelling protocols have inherent challenges of time, contamination and sample loss.  This challenge is exacerbated with large numbers of samples and small starting amount of input material.

The solution:

PreOmics® iST-NHS sample preparation is fully compatible with chemical labeling reagents. Allowing streamlined peptide processing, chemical labeling and an efficient peptide clean-up step. The iST-NHS method decreases hands-on time, sample loss and the amount of chemical label required. Complex workflows previously requiring many different reagents over a two day time period are replaced by a single kit containing all standardized reagents to accomplish proteomics sample labeling and preparation for mass spectrometry  protein analysis whether manually, semi or fully automated on the PreON in a 2.5  hour time window.

Apply! Simple, streamlined workflows

1. Samples
Samples should be liquid, homogenates, or soft pellets.
2. Lyse, reduce, alkylate
Add LYSE reagent, incubate for 10 mins at 95°C.
3. Digest and label
Cool, add DIGEST reagent, incubate for 60 mins at 37°C. Label according to vendor instructions.
4. Purify
Load onto the cartridge, WASH and ELUTE. Dry and resuspend in LOAD.
5. MS analysis
Inject and analyze to see improved peptide identities.


Time flies with PreOmics® iST-NHS sample preparation

While standard proteomics sample preparation takes around 44 hours – the same time as flying around the world non-stop, PreOmics® kits take the same time as flying from our Munich HQ to London or from Boston to Chicago. Increase your sample throughput, improve quality and produce reliable data. It’s as easy as i-S-T!





Improved sample quality
  • High reproducibility: R2>0.9
  • Working range: 1-100 µg
  • Increased peptide and protein identifications
  • Shipped at RT🌿


Quicker methodology
  • 2.5 hours total time, including labeling
  • Single step incorporating lysis, reduction and alkylation
  • All-in-one solution, all reagents provided
  • Compatible with standard lab equipment


Cleaner peptides ready for analysis
  • Dual clean up step removes hydrophilic and hydrophobic contaminants
  • Achieve ready to measure peptides
  • Reduce mass spectrometry downtime
  • Manual to fully automated processing options available


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Fast, reliable, reproducible sample preparation for chemical labeling (iTRAQ and TMT)
Fast, reliable, reproducible sample preparation for chemical labeling (iTRAQ and TMT)
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iST-NHS 12x

12-sample kit
447 €

iST-NHS 96x

96-sample kit
2.264 €
Racked into 96 well plate, has collars for individual processing

iST-NHS HT 192x

192-sample kit
4.438 €
Reagents in amber bottles for easy use with liquid handlers

iST-NHS PreON 12x

12-sample kit
591 €
With PreON plasticware included

iST-NHS PreON 96x

96-sample kit
2.915 €
With PreON plasticware included
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