About PreOmics - The founder team of PreOmics started working on optimized LC-MS proteomic workflows at the Matthias Mann lab in 2010. After establishing an optimized and easier sample preparation process in 2014, Dr. Nils A. Kulak together with Dr. Garwin Pichler set forth to validate their technologies with external laboratories and researchers. With a lot of support of proteomics experts, engineers and industry designers, they made their first product ready-for-market. The PreOmics team won several awards for their business idea, were supported by various accelerator programs and established their company in the beginning of 2016. They are now located at the IZB in Martinsried just south of Munich.

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Fast, reliable, standardized methods for sample preparation ready for mass spectrometry analysis
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Sample preparation
PreOmics® iST kit contains all the reagents and consumables needed for protein and peptide sample preparation ready for MS analysis.
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Chemical labeling compatible
PreOmics® iST-NHS kit is fully compatible with TMT and iTRAQ labeling methods.
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Biological fluids
PreOmics® iST-BCT has been developed to minimize artificial modifications in biological fluid samples including plasma, serum and CSF.
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Plasma and serum enrichment
PreOmics® ENRICH-iST is a fast, streamlined workflow based on the enrichment of low-abundance proteins from plasma and serum samples onto paramagnetic beads.
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Positive pressure
PreOmics® iST-PSI couples the simplicity of the iST technology with positive pressure processing for high throughput sample preparation.
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Peptide clean up
PreOmics® iST Phoenix is a multi-mode SPE clean up for peptide-containing samples. Removing detergents, salts and other contaminants.
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PreOmics® iST-Fractionation Add-on kit enables three fractions to be eluted from the iST SPE cartridge, giving greater proteome depth for your analysis.
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Challenging samples
Use the combined advantages for SP3® and iST technology for complex matrices or those needing harsh denaturation.
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Dedicated iST automation
PreOmics PreON, dedicated automation for the iST kits. Simple and intuitive to use. Free your analysts time,  improve throughput and reproducibility.
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GFP-tagged proteins
PreOmics® iST GFP-Trap includes immunoprecipitation enrichment for GFP-tagged proteins with compatible sample preparation.
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