Reveal! Who we are and
what we stand for

Setting the standard for protein analysis

PreOmics: Innovative tools for mass spectrometry based proteomics


We empower our clients in life science to establish biological knowledge through efficient reliable solutions and workflows that set the standard for protein analysis.  Our team spirit, energy and commitment empower us to be creative and quality focused. A trusted partner with deeply rooted scientific experience.


We see a future world with revolutionized proteomic discovery processes open for everyone from science to decision. Tools that reveal hidden causes of diseases, ensure sustainable nutrition and provide diagnoses that enhance lives and society.

What we value

Science. Innovation. Creativity
It’s where we began, where we are going, it’s in our DNA! Taking the challenge of continuous improvement daily to create novel products, a successful company and to contribute innovative technology to advance life science.
Customer centric
Solving customer problems is simply the foundation and focus of what we do.  We value working collaboratively and believe we all benefit by understanding the customer pain point our technology will solve. It’s important to speak up and be heard; it’s just as important to listen.
Being individual as a team!
We are all on the same page bringing individual expertise and passion to scientific innovation and resolving team challenges. We are a young company who are not afraid to push the boundaries and innovate.
Some things never change
We work hard, we look to continuously improve; being open and straightforward underpins how we operate.
Last but not least
We smile, we have fun, we respect and trust each other – it’s a family!

How it all began

The founder team of PreOmics started working on optimized LC-MS proteomic workflows at the Matthias Mann lab in 2010. After establishing an optimized and easier sample preparation process in 2014, Dr. Nils A. Kulak together with Dr. Garwin Pichler set forth to validate their technologies with external laboratories and researchers. With a lot of support of proteomics experts, engineers and industry designers, they made their first product ready-for-market. The PreOmics team won several awards for their business idea, were supported by various accelerator programs and established their company in the beginning of 2016. They are now located at the IZB in Martinsried just south of Munich.


Dr. Nils Kulak
Founder and CEO
Dr. Nils A. Kulak is founder and CEO here at PreOmics. During his PhD at the Matthias Mann lab, Nils invented the iST technology and was later joined by Dr. Garwin Pichler. Together they started PreOmics based on the iST technology in 2016. Over the last couple of years at PreOmics, he has been executive alongside Garwin, has been running the operations team and has followed his passion of innovations, leading the R&D team
Dr. Garwin Pichler
Founder and CEO
Dr. Garwin Pichler is co-founder and CEO here at PreOmics. Garwin holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the LMU Munich (Germany). Garwin joined Nils working on the iST Technology in the Matthias Mann lab. Together they founded PreOmics in 2016 and Garwin is responsible for Finances, Business Development, Investor Relationship and HR.
Russell Golson
Chief Commercial Officer
Russell spent the first 15 years of his working life as a Nuclear controls engineer within Britains Royal Navy. For the last 20 years he has worked within a number of Innovative Genomics & Proteomics tools companies commercializing sample preparation and Automated handling solutions. Russell joined PreOmics to stimulate global sales in 2017.
Dr. Martin Käsemann
Chief Operation Officer
Martin joined PreOmics begin of 2020. In his role as Chief Operation Officer he is responsible for Manufacturing, Purchasing, QA/QC and SCM. He holds a PhD in Process Engineering from the RWTH Aachen and has more than 20 years of experience in various leading management positions in Life Sciences and process industries. Martin has a strong background in lean principles and operational excellence.