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June 20-23, 2023
ProteoAix 2023 will be the 3rd Joint Meeting of Spanish, French, and Portuguese Proteomics Societies. The meeting was assembled to provide participants with a broad view of the diverse perspectives and applications of proteomics and its related fields, and emphasising new developments and scientific advances.

Bruker seminar

June 20, 2023

ASMS 2023

June 4-8, 2023
Houston TX, USA
Proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics... and foodomics? We're looking forward to traveling to Houston next month to hear about all things MassSpec at ASMS2023. We'll be setting up shop at Booth 827 & Hospitality Suite 332, so be sure to stop by and say hi - we have a surprise in store for you!

MSB 2023

May 21-24, 2023
Tallahassee FL, US
Palm trees, gators, and science! We are looking forward to seeing the #bioanalytical community in Tallahassee at MSB2023! Don't miss Silvia's poster presentation, and take a gander at our protein sample preparation & automation solutions at the Bruker booth.

14th Annual CNPN Symposium

May 15-17, 2023
From Dortmund, Germany to Regina, Saskatchewan, our May conference circuit has gone global! Catch Mark & Cameron at the CNPN Canadian National Proteomics Network Annual Symposium, May 15-17, to learn all about our #sampleprep & #automation solutions, including our popular iST kits & PreON and BeatBox instruments.

54th Annual Conference of the DGMS

May 14-17, 2023
After two years away, we're excited to return to an in-person DGMS2023 with the German Society for Mass Spectrometry, especially with plenaries like 'Shaken, not Stirred'–James Bond in the Spotlight of Physics'. Russell will be giving his own talk on Monday, May 15 (Saal 4+5), or stop by booth 12 to say hi to Marcello and Andrea.

LS2 Proteomic Meeting

May 11-12, 2023
We're excited to connect once again with LS² Proteomics and Swiss members of Team Mass Spec in Ägerisee for the Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2023. Say hello if you go, and cheer Russell on as he presents the BeatBox streamlined workflow to process FFPE tissue for proteomics.

PharmaDay CEMOS

April 25-26, 2023
Strasbourg, France
Join us for the annual Bruker's European Pharma Meeting taking place on April 25th - 26th 2023 in Mannheim, Germany, organized by Bruker, M2Aind and CeMOS – Center for Mass Spectrometry and Optical Spectroscopy.

Next generation solutions for proteomics sample preparation

Join this on-demand webinar to learn how to simplify, speed up, and standardize your proteomics sample preparation for LC-MS. We will introduce the PreOmics easy-to-use iST technology and the push-button PreON automated platform

Streamlining Protein Extraction for Proteomics and Beyond

During this webinar, you will discover ways to improve your protein extraction, such as by reducing workflow complexity, improving results from scarce samples, setting up robust assays and working with large sample cohorts. We will also show how the full sample preparation workflow for LC-MS-based proteomics can be standardized and simplified with the BeatBox platform.

French young proteomics association

April 3-6, 2023
Strasbourg, France
Make sure to attend Chloé Moritz's talk at the French you proteomics association: "How can PreOmics help you with your sample preparation?"

MSACL 2023

April 3-6, 2023
Monterey, USA
Let us simplify your sample prep, so you can focus on your data. MSACL2023 participants, learn about our fully automated LC/MS workflow & other sample prep solutions by visiting our poster on "Fully automated LC/MS proteomics workflow for liquid biopsies".

Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference

March 9-10, 2023
London, UK
Dr. Silvia Wuertenberger's ready for her next trip with an exciting new talk on “Streamlining Protein Extraction for Biomarker discovery and Beyond” (March 10, 11:45-12:15). Will you be there? Be sure to say hi!

US HUPO 2023

March 4-8, 2023
Chicaco, USA
We're excited to be attending US HUPO 2023 in Chicago. Be sure to swing by booth #118 to say hi to Terry and Maesho. They'll be happy to give you the low-down on our popular BeatBox benchtop instrument & other sample prep & processing solutions.

SLAS 2023

February 25-March 1, 2023
San Diego, USA
What are the latest innovations in proteomics for liquid biopsies? SLAS2023 participants, learn about our fully automated LC/MS workflow & other sample prep solutions by visiting our poster (#1153-B) on "Fully automated LC/MS proteomics workflow for liquid biopsies".

TAMS vendor night

February 15, 2023
Durham, USA
Hello Durham! We're hyped to be able to connect at TAMS vendor night on Feb 15. Chat with Measho to learn all about our innovative, automated tools & sample prep kits for proteins, peptides & proteomics for MS.

Lorne Proteomics Symposium

February 5-9, 2023
Lorne, Australia
Don't miss the Bruker workshop on Saturday (bright & early at 7:45 am) to learn about streamlined & automated sample processing and high-sensitivity proteomics workflows.

HUPO 2022 World Congress

December 4-8, 2022
Cancun, México
Meet PreOmics at booth #311 and learn more about PreOmics' iST technology and BeatBox for tissue homogenization and cell lysis!

Annual Proteomics Symposium 2022

November 11, 2022
Barcelona, Spain
Plasma proteomics profiling for personalized medicine? Deciphering the immunopeptidome to reveal new tumor antigens? We're very excited to sponsor & attend Simposi Anual de Proteòmica with the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB). Make sure to attend our flash talk on "BeatBox & iST workflows enable evolutionary in-depth analysis of tissue & cell proteomes".
User group meeting

Pharma/BioPharma Users Meetings

October 13, 2022
Cambridge, MA
"Streamlined & automated sample processing for in-depth proteomic analyzes" by Russell Golson, Chief Commercial Officer, PreOmics, Munich, Germany
User group meeting

Pharma/BioPharma Users Meetings

October 5-6, 2022
San Diego & San Francisco
"Streamlined & automated sample processing for in-depth proteomic analyses" by Garwin Pichler, Ph.D., Managing Director at PreOmics.

HUPO-HIPP Summer School

September 6-9
UK, Oxford
A 4 day learning experience to interact with experts in the field of immunopeptidomics

Analytics 2022

September 5-8, 2022
France, Nantes
Meet PreOmics at booth #5 and learn more about PreOmics kits and BeatBox for tissue/cell homoganization

IMSC 2022

August 27 - September 2, 2022
The Netherlands, Maastricht
Meet PreOmics and the latest news related to BeatBox at the Bruker booth #2 within Expo Foyer.

14th International Meeting on Mass Spectrometry in the Health and Life Sciences

August 14-18, 2022
US, Cambridge, MA
This five-day hybrid symposium will be held at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass. Meet PreOmics at our sponsor booth.
User group meeting

Munich User Group Meeting

July 5, 2022, 8:30 - 12:00 CEST
IZB, Ellipse 1
Meet your proteomic peers from Munich area. An open forum for discussing recent research and technical developments.

BSPR 2022

July 3-6, 2022
Oxford, UK
We are excited to interact with customers & colleagues at the 2022 edition of the British Society for Proteome Research BSPR!

LS2 Annual Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2022

June 28-29, 2022
Unterägeri, Switzerland
Russell's ready for his next trip - Ägerisee, Switzerland, for LS2 Switzerland Proteomics Meeting - with an exciting new talk, 'The time capsule: BeatBox & iST workflows enable evolutionary in-depth analysis of tissue & cell proteomes.' Will you be there? Be sure to say hi!

Analytica 2022

June 21-24, 2022
Munich, Germany
We look forward to meeting you at the world's Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and analytica conference