Smile! Protein and peptide sample preparation automated

Dedicated instrumentation to improve sample throughput for LC-MS analysis

The challenge:

How do you bring further standardization, reproducibility and hands on time savings to proteomics sample preparation for  LC-MS analysis when you have already successfully addressed  the many challenges of time, sample contamination, sample loss and reproducibility?

The solution:

Automate! Introducing the PreON platform; built to address the demands of reproducible, robust and sensitive proteomics sample preparation for LC-MS analysis. It allows research labs to automate proteomics processing at the push of a button decreasing the hands on time from 1 hour ( iST sample preparation) to about 5 minutes!

Apply! iST compatible workflows

Adding samples
Samples should be liquid, homogenates or a soft pellet. Maximum volume 25µL
iST kit set up
Add the appropriate iST kit components to PreON
PreON automated sample preparation
Select the appropriate protocol and start
Mass spectrometric analysis
Inject samples into your LC-MS system
Data analysis
Process your data to see improved peptide identities


The PreON eliminates manual processing errors and pipetting variability, improving quality and reproducibility. Spend less time preparing your samples, increase throughput and achieve better results.
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PreON instrument and accessories

P.O.00069.   Instrument
iST PreON Tips
1024 tips
85 €
Pre-racked, 200 µL
iST PreON 8x
8 sample kit
315 €
With PreON plasticware included
iST PreON 96x
96 sample kit
2,660 €
With PreON plasticware included
iST-BCT PreON 8x
8 sample kit
315 €
With PreON plasticware included
iST-BCT PreON 96x
96 sample kit
2,660 €
With PreON plasticware included

Automation for the next generation

Have a closer look at PreON today!

PreOmics PreON Values


Improved sample quality

High reproducibility: R
Working range: 1-100µg
Increased peptide and protein identifications


Sample preparation fully automated

True walk-away automation for label-free and chemical labeling workflows
Eliminates manual processing steps (only 5 mins hands on time)
Works seamlessly with PreOmics protocols
PreOn is installed and running samples in less than a day


Cleaner peptides ready for analysis

Dual clean up step removes hydrophilic & hydrophobic contaminants
Achieve ready-to-measure peptides
Reduce mass spectrometry downtime


Applying the science
Find out more about the wide range of applications and sample
types to which PreOmics technology has been successfully applied