Smile! Tissue homogenization simplified

Easy to use, fast tissue homogenization for efficient and reproducible sample preparation.

The challenge:

Reproducible and reliable tissue homogenization needs to produce a smooth and easy to pipette homogenate and minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. A specific consideration for proteomics is the release of the maximum number of proteins to make them accessible for the next steps of sample preparation. Additionally, lab space, the requirement for chiller units, and the noise made by some processes can also impact instrument choice.

The solution:

The BeatBox is a fast and easy to use instrument for up to 96 samples, which completes the homogenization in as little as 10 minutes without sample cross contamination and minimal heat induction. The BeatBox has a surprisingly small footprint and quiet operation in comparison to traditional tissue processing machines. With the BeatBox, tissue homogenization can be seamlessly integrated into the PreOmics iST sample preparation workflows.

Relax! iST compatible workflows

Preparing samples
Cut tissue into appropriate size or volume of cells
BeatBox Tissue
add-on kit
Add your tissue or cells and the LYSE buffer from iST kit family
BeatBox your samples
Select the power and time, then press START
Digest and clean-up
Continue with step 2 from selected iST workflow
‍Mass spectrometric analysis
Inject and analyze your samples


BeatBox homogenates show the highest protein yields​​
Reproducibility of protein yields from different tissues were increased by 2.5x using BeatBox​​.
The products displayed are for visual representation only and may differ from those received

BeatBox instrument and accessories

P.O.00103   Instrument
BeatBox Tissue Kit 96x
96 sample kit
336 €

BeatBox Values and Specifications


Tissue/cell homogenization simplified

Add tissue or cell and buffer and select your settings in just two clicks for perfectly homogenized sample
Maximum protein release in 10 minutes
50–1000 µg protein starting material in 100-300 µL iST LYSE buffer
Minimize heat induction and the possibility of cross contamination


Flexibility and efficiency combined

Versatile, it can homogenize multiple tissue and cell types
Optimized programs depending on tissue type
Standard 96 well (SBS) format; alternative 1-24 tube format coming very soon
Superior reproducibility
Increased protein yields


Next generation technology - today!

Small footprint
> L 40 x H 26 x W 24 cm - 5kg
> L 16" x H 10" x W 10" - 12lbs
7" touch screen simplicity
Utilizes PreOmics Tissue Homogenization kit and GYUTO bead technology
Compatible with iST workflows for even greater efficiency
CE compliant
For laboratory use only

Automation for the next generation

Have a closer look at BeatBox today!


Applying the science
Find out more about the wide range of applications and sample
types to which PreOmics technology has been successfully applied