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Plant tissues analysis is required to support agriculture, nutrition and environmental sciences. For example in pesticide residue studies it would be important to check that there are no effects on crop species being treated.

The iST/iST-NHS kits are suitable for use in research and regulated environments. The kits contain all you need for your peptide or protein sample preparation and are suitable for use by all members of your lab, no specialist experience is needed. The flexible formats of single samples or racked in to 96 well holders allow the kits to be used manually or with a range of automation options. The cartridges can be processed by centrifugation or using positive pressure manifolds, again giving options for all labs. Dedicated resources are shown below and our technical support team would be happy to help with advice.

Inherent biochemical complexity within plant tissue presents a significant challenge for extracting proteins and generating clean peptides suitable for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. The pre­sence of cell walls and fibers requires harsh mechanical shearing forces or cryogenic grinding prior to processing with our iST and iST-NHS kits.  Additionally, plant tissue con­tains high amounts of interfering secondary compounds such as phenolics, pigments and polysaccha­rides, which detrimentally affect sample quality. To overcome these challenges, the iST sample preparation kit for plant samples includes optimized wash steps to remove plant-specific contaminations and provides significant time savings.

PreOmics Values


Improved sample quality

High reproducibility: R
Working range: 1-100 µg
Increased peptide and protein identifications


Quicker methodology

Less than 5 hours for the complete workflow
Single step incorporating lysis, reduction and alkylation
All-in-one solution, all reagents provided
Specifically developed for plant tissues


Cleaner peptides ready for analysis

Optimized wash steps to remove plant contaminants
Achieve ready-to-measure peptides
Reduce mass spectrometry downtime
Suitable for a range of processing options


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