Take a leap forward in tissue and cell preparation efficiency

High-throughput homogenization technique for fast and reproducible release of proteins for all your research applications

The challenge

Tissue homogenates and cell lysates are the starting point for a wide variety of downstream applications in genomics and proteomics. The extracted biomolecules are further characterized with methods, such as genotyping, immunoassays, and mass spectrometry, in order to identify biomarkers or understand cellular pathways.

Particularly proteomics requires thoroughly homogenized samples to obtain high protein yields even from small inputs like needle biopsies for sensitive and quantitative analyses. Furthermore, standardization, reproducibility, and parallelization are key to the processing of large numbers of samples in high-throughput environments. However, scientists will require a homogenization method that allows for high flexibility and versatility to cover a broad range of projects.

The solution

BeatBox is a dedicated system for convenient, semi-automated sample homogenization of many tissue types and cells. Flexible regarding input amounts from 1-50 mg, it consistently delivers reproducible results even for challenging downstream analyses like LC-MS-based proteomics with scalable throughput from 1-96 samples.



"Having such a quiet, compact tissue preparation solution on our bench day by day can only further serve to increase our efficiency."

Prof. Karl Mechtler

Head of Proteomics Tech Hub at VBCF, Vienna, Austria

Key benefits of BeatBox

  • Ensures reliable results

    Excellent reproducibility, even for challenging samples

  • Scalability and flexibility combined

    1-96 samples, compatible with both 96 well plates and single tubes

  • Suitable for any laboratory

    Compact and quiet instrument for beginners and experts alike

  • Straightforward FFPE sample preparation

    Xylene-free approach without separate deparaffinization step
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