Meeting the challenges in mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Fast and efficient sample preparation technique for use in drug development and biomarker discovery, research and applied proteomics

The challenge

Common mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomic workflows are multistep processes employing different methodologies and instrumentation. The issues associated with this approach are the hands-on time required, and a lack of standardization.

Sample preparation is one of the most critical steps in MS-based proteomic workflows, but the variability of the starting materials (cell/tissue type and protein levels) can be challenging. There is a need for easy-to-use and automatable workflows, along with all-in-one sample preparation solutions, to improve the results' consistency and reliability.

The solution

PreOmics® has developed innovative, flexible, and easy-to-use all-in-one solutions for a number of different sample types, based on its in-StageTip (iST) technology. Pre-cleaning steps, supplied as add-ons, can remove contamination such as detergents. Fractionation steps downstream in the sample preparation process allow in-depth analysis of purified peptides. The iST technology provides researchers with innovations in devices and processes, allowing them to achieve reliable, robust and reproducible sample preparation with increased peptide and protein ID in record time.


Clinical studies and biomarker discovery

When samples from lung cancer patients and healthy controls were processed with iST and analyzed using mass spectrometry, results showed that the workflow employing our iST technology was able to detect deregulated proteins in cancer cells. This approach has the potential to identify disease biomarkers.

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Quantifying host cell protein (HCP) contamination

HCP contamination is one of the biggest challenges when developing biotherapeutics. A fully standardized protocol using our iST technology can meet this challenge when implemented into process control for biotherapeutics production.

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"Our researchers happily rely on the PreOmics iST kit knowing that they will have stabilized the sources of technical variations, permitting them to focus on the biology of our precious samples. The PreOmics team has worked closely with our researchers to consult with us on our unique biological questions and concerns"

Dr. Sasha Singh

Director Proteomics Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Key benefits of the iST technology

  • Saves time

    Sample preparation for MS-based proteomics in a single enclosed device uses a three-step workflow, eliminating or combining stages, in a 2-hour time window.

  • Suitable for a variety of sample types

    Starting material includes prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, mammalian and plant tissues, and  biological fluids (e.g. serum, plasma).

  • Easy to handle

    Our iST kits are simple to use and include all required buffers, reagents and protocols. All researchers need is standard lab equipment.

  • Automatable

    Want to further increase reproducibility and standardization, while reducing hands-on time (down to five minutes) and human error? Relax and let our PreON automation platform do the work for you.

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