About PreOmics - The founder team of PreOmics started working on optimized LC-MS proteomic workflows at the Matthias Mann lab in 2010. After establishing an optimized and easier sample preparation process in 2014, Dr. Nils A. Kulak together with Dr. Garwin Pichler set forth to validate their technologies with external laboratories and researchers. With a lot of support of proteomics experts, engineers and industry designers, they made their first product ready-for-market. The PreOmics team won several awards for their business idea, were supported by various accelerator programs and established their company in the beginning of 2016. They are now located at the IZB in Martinsried just south of Munich.

Smile! Bead-based workflows

Fast, reliable, reproducible sample preparation ready for  mass spectrometry analysis

Licensed technology:

EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM), the technology transfer arm of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL and PreOmics, have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for EMBL’s proprietary SP3 technology, a high-throughput technology for proteomic sample preparation.

The solution:

We are convinced that the SP3 technology is a perfect complement to our iST sample processing technology as a manual workflow or fully automated on our ultra-efficient PreON platform. Our team are currently developing the first workflow solutions (kits) which will be available as a ready to use solution in 2021. To register your interest for early access to these solutions click here or sign up for our periodic newsletter here.


Applying the science
Find out more about the wide range of applications and sample
types to which PreOmics technology has been successfully applied